The project is divided into three Work Packages (WP): the first focuses on biopower, the second on the data, and the third on the coronial courts.

DBDIrl began in September 2019 with the following objectives:

  1. Advance the state of the art in the fields of history, computing and data sciences. (WPs 1-3)
  2. De-silo openly available data to create new knowledge. (WP2/3)
  3. Establish an open data platform and a centre of excellence in the study of the body. (WP2)
  4. Develop new methodologies for appraising and analysing historical personal metadata (WPs1-3).
  5. Demonstrate how small data can speak to big data problems (WPs1-3).

We are grateful for the full cooperation of the General Register Office which has provided a copy of the original index and TIFFs to DBDIrl.